Hi! I’m Gretchen, the designer and creator behind PGM Crafts. PGM Crafts is a crochet and craft enthusiast blog where I hope to inspire and teach makers of all skill levels. Since starting my creative journey, I’ve been committed to exploring the wonderful world of crochet and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and hang out for a bit!

About PGM Crafts

PGM Crafts began in 2019 after multiple years of crocheting requested items for family, friends, and co-workers. As a full-time employee of a major hospital system, a part/full-time student, as well as a wife and mother, I found the time I needed to devote to crochet was dwindling. I wanted to contribute to the crochet community and I needed something that didn’t necessarily involve a time constraint. The problem was figuring out how I was going to accomplish this and staying on top of all of my responsibilities. And then it came to me – I could create my own crochet patterns! At this time, I had already created a few patterns, so it was just needed to write the PDFs and figure out the best platforms to publish them. My first major published pattern was the Sunburst Coaster and I was a nervous-wreck! I couldn’t believe that I’d put something out into the world that people actually liked. Since then, I’ve started writing more patterns with plans to publish them during the next few months.

About Gretchen

Outside of crochet and crafts, I’m a Navy brat turned Air Force wife and mother. My family (husband, son, daughter, and cat) and I having been calling Virginia Beach, VA “home” since 2012. When I’m not surrounded by yarn, I work full-time for a major hospital system as a health data auditor and I’m working towards a Bachelors in Business Analytics. I’m very much a busy-body and I’m notorious for always doing something – I can’t seem to just sit still! My favorite things include streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, etc.), cooking/baking, and gardening. My least favorite things are snow, monotony, and coffee (I know!).

Work With Me

I love collaborating with people! If you are a yarn company, craft supply company, fellow blogger, or just a super nice person, here are some things we can do together:

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  • Roundups

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